The steps of implantation

Premium Estetik Process’s Steps :
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At first, a local anesthetic will be injected within the donor area, on the back of your head. Then, the surgeon and his team will begin to extract, one by one, the hair follicles of your donor area, without you feeling any pain. Once the extraction is complete, the surgeon will proceed to open the channels (incisions) on the bare parts of your head to implant the follicles extracted. The administration of local anesthesia is again necessary before this stage of the surgery. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is applied after the opening the channels. The duration of the operation is determined according to the amount of grafts implanted.

Post Operative Care

The day after the operation, we invite you to come to our clinic for a check and first hair wash. The surgeon will check the condition of your scalp and remove the bandages to wash your hair. We will explain how you should wash your hair every day for 10 days, using the shampoo and lotion that you will be provided. Also, we will give you some medications to take during the 5-6 days after the surgery to avoid any infection, swelling or other reactions.
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