Beard transplant

Implantation of the beard with the FUE method

All men would dream of having a beautiful beard and a well-cared mustache for a more masculine look. But what to do when you cannot have them grown uniformly? Do not think too much! Beard and mustache is the only safe and secure solution for men who suffer from under-developed hair growth, a low beard or bald areas.

It is a simple surgical procedure that is done under local anesthesia and can last between 5 and 6 hours. The hair that most closely resembles the hair of the beard and mustache is usually located at the top of the neck, they are removed using the FUE technique and then implanted, according to the shape drawn beforehand, by going up the beard or filling the holes while respecting the hair direction and the space between the follicles. On average, 600 to 800 grafts are needed for a complete rebuild.

The grafting surgery of the beard and mustache does not require any bandages, the patient may experience some itching and redness during the first days.

After 2 to 3 days of the procedure, small crusts form on each graft that will take 5 to 7 days to fall. The transplanted hairs fall with the crusts and begin to regrow from the third month, about 1 centimeter a month. The result of this transplant is often very satisfactory but can be judged only after 6 to 12
months of the intervention.

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The procedure begins with a medical examination like all transplant operations.
Two main elements are considered during a consultation. First, the patient’s need for density, secondly, the number of grafts that can be obtained from the donor area.


The instructions concerning the growth of beard hair are taken into account during the procedure for a natural and successful result.

The procedure of beard transplantation includes three main parts, as for hair transplantation; the graft extraction, the opening of the channels and finally the tranplantation of the grafts on the balding area. The hair follicles will be removed from the donor area located between the two ears on the neck and
will be implanted one by one with the FUE method of Premium Estetik.


The day after the operation, the patient comes back for a check and gets a first wash. Instructions for washing the face for ten days after the operation will be given.
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After one week, the transplanted area will look very natural. The recovery of the donor area is also fast. After 15 days, you will have the appearance you had before the operation. The recovery instructions are the same as for the FUE  hair transplant procedure.
After six months, the results are visible for most patients. After 12 to 18  months, it is possible to see intensive and natural facial hair.


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