What is follicular transplantation?

The follicular transplant allows a redistribution of hair that is to extract them from the donor area that is usually located at the back of the head and implant them in the area of baldness to have a density about equal across the entire scalp.

At what age can we consider a hair transplant ?

People planning to have a hair transplant should be 24 years of age or older.

Do you get a natural result ?

The FUE hair transplant is done by implantation of grafts composed of one to four hairs. Thanks to the new FUE technique, hair follicles are placed according to their natural structure in holes that are opened by superfine needles. That said, a surgeon specialized in hair transplantation must have an aesthetic eye in order to be able to place the grafts in a homogeneous way. The drawing of the frontal line thus plays a very important role in the natural effect of the result of the intervention. Also, in implantation phase, and to avoid the effect "doll" at the front, grafts composed of a single hair are preferred.

Do all grafted hair grow back and when?

If the patient complies with all prescribed postoperative indications and the grafts have not been affected during the procedure, all hair should regrow. Three weeks after the operation, the implanted hair falls to start repelling two to three months later. The final result can only be judged 12 months after the intervention.

Is the transplant permanent ?

The FUE helps restore hair permanently. You no longer risk losing grafted hair.

How many grafts can be implanted per session ?

The number of grafts needed to cover a given area is determined by the surgeon, this is a very important step. The maximum number of grafts that can be implanted in one session is 5000 grafts.

Does the hair transplant leave visible scars?

With the FUE technique, no scar is seen in the donor area. This is hidden by the remaining hair of the crown. After 2-3 weeks the donor area heals completely.

Will hair be missing in areas where grafts are being extracted?

The hair extracted on the donor region will not grow again, but the capillary density at this area  is very important, we can count about 150 to 300 hairs per cm2. That said, we will never notice a lack in this area. Moreover, in the case of a patient with a weak donor area, the surgeon will judge the hair transplant impossible.
Please note that the hair transplant is not an intervention that will promote the regrowth of new hair, but it is indeed a "hair redistribution"!

Does pain occur in the hours following the procedure ?

The first day of the operation, the patient may feel tugging in the donor area and an impression
of helmet at the implantation area;
Analgesics are prescribed in the first days after the procedure to prevent the pain.

Infectious risk of contamination ?


Is consumption of tobacco and alcohol allowed before and after a FUE ?

Stopping smoking and alcohol is advisable, especially during the first month after surgery. This will allow a better cutaneous vascularization and therefore a better result of the hair transplant.

Does an FUE lead to socio-professional exclusion ?

It will be possible to resume your professional activities 2-3 days after the intervention. We still advise our patients not to exert physical effort, not to expose themselves to the sun or sweat for a month following the procedure.


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